Welcome to Shibainfo’s breed registry

Shibainfo’s breed registry was created during the spring of 2009. The goal of the registry is to create a repository, where as many shibas as possible will be collected. We are adding all dogs in or from Scandinavia. In order to reach the rest of the world, we need you, our visitors, to help out. The registry will be continually updated with new dogs, as they are registered.

Today, we are 695 users who are adding information to the registry.

With the register, we want to create a more complete image of the shiba breed and it’s breed material that previously have not been available. All shiba owners are given the opportunity to present and add photos of their dog. We claim that Shiboinfo’s breed registry is one-of-a-kind, and a treasure of information for shiba lovers.

Today, there are 11392 dogs in the registry, with 2649 of those having a photo uploaded. These dogs come from 467 kennels. The dog’s pedigrees can be navigated back and forth, and many of the dogs have extra information. There are dogs born from 1972 to 2020-12-31. There is a search feature, which enables users to search through all information. You can find your own dog’s ancestors, as well as see how many children, grandchildren and grandgrandchildren they have generated.

Do you now own, or used to own a shiba? Are you interested in adding pictures, text and more about your shiba?

Start by creating a user. The user account is not the same as in Shibainfo’s forum, so you need to create a new user profile. You can choose if you want your information to be made public, but us administrators wants to know who you are if we need to contact you.

Navigate to your dog’s page, and click on the link on the bottom that you’d like to administer the page, that is, ”own that dog’s page”. Since the registry contains more than 5 000 dogs, the quickest way to find your dog is usually by Searching.

When you have received a ”Yes” from us, you’ll have to click on Edit, and then you can add all information you want. Click on Save when you’re done, and wait for the data to be saved. After that, you’re done.

When you write that you’re the owner or breeder, the dog will be listed on ”your” page.

Please contact us regarding any questions!

Helene Nordwall
Lena Sonefors

For technical questions, contact Robin Sonefors

Most recently added dogs:

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  • Kichiko’s Catch Him If You Can (Zico) 
  • Ayame Of The Willow Tay (Ayame)
  • Nobara Of The Willow Tay
  • Kuriro Of The Willow Tay


Most recently edited dogs:

  • Hoshi No Kitsune’s Kin No Ouji
  • Hoshi No Kitsune’s Ookuma
  • Negi-Inu’s La-Ke San (Foxy) 
  • Mjaerumhögda’s Tama (Nemi) 
  • Ryuukuro Av Enerhaugen (Raiko) 


Most recently edited kennels:

  • Hoshi No Kitsune
  • Dami Nohosa
  • LeSand/Akakiyosou
  • Sziberiai Cedrus
  • Honovi Shiba

Most recently edited users:

  • Hege Myhre
  • Star Sky
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